By paying some extra attention to how you wash and care for your favorite MIOSIS pieces, not only will you extend their wear ability and life-cycle, you’ll also help protect the environment.



  • Shrinks if washed at a high temperature, irons well. Wash colors separately the first time.

  • Cool, Flexible and highly resistant

  • Creases easily



  • Always hand wash. Do not Spin or wash at high temperatures, Iron well

  • Cool and pleasant on the skin. Dirt resistant

  • Creases extremely easily


  • Does not tolerate high temperatures, Do not spin. Dry iron at a low temperature setting.

  • Strong, Light and pleasant on the skin. Excellent colour absorbency.

  • Stubborn stains must be removed professionally from this delicate fabric.


Acetate, Rayon or Viscose

  • Do not spin in order to prevent garment from becoming misshapen.

  • Smooth on the skin and excellent colour absorbency.

  • Low resistance when damp, highly inflammable and considerable static electricity build up.


Polyester, Nylon and Lycra

  • Extremely sensitive to heat. Wash in lukewarm water and dry iron at a low temperature setting.

  • Highly resistant and do not crease easily. Excellent colour absorbency.

  • Highly inflammable and considerable static electricity build up.




Read our general tips on how to be more eco-conscious when washing your clothes:


Caring for the colour of your clothes

When washing by hand, make sure the detergent is properly dissolved before inserting the garment. Keep colours separate for the first few washers, as the dye may get into the water.

Remember to empty pockets before machine washing.

Use bleach with cold water only and for a maximum of one hour.

When drying do not expose garments to direct sunlight.


Wash Less:

Wash your favorite pieces less and wash with adequate load to reduce consumption of water and detergent.

To reduce your carbon footprint and prolong garment life, refresh by airing until washing is required.


Keep it Cool:

A cold machine wash will significantly cut down energy consumption and help reduce climate impact. Plus, your garment will look better and last longer.


Avoid Dryers:

Natural drying is energy free, which reduces climate impact and saves energy.

Lay flat to dry or hang to dry, instead of using a clothes dryer.


Green Dry Clean:

Traditional dry cleaners typically use hazardous chemicals that have a negative impact on our land, waterways, air and general environment. Dry cleaning when recommended is crucial to maintain the quality of your garment and can extend its lifespan. However, consider an eco-friendly or Green Earth dry cleaner.


Green Earth dry cleaners use silicone, a non-toxic, non-hazardous and gentle solution. Offered through a variety of service providers, look up your nearest Green Earth cleaner.



Keep your favorite MIOSIS pieces looking their best – and prolong their life – with the do’s and don’ts in our fabric care guide. Consider using earth-friendly, phosphorus-free detergent.


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